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Dorthy Dean and Frank MacFie and friends

Dorthy Dean and Frank MacFie and friends

PHOTO Frank MacFie top right with hat, Michael Maslansky to the rt of Dorthy Dean

Downtown Chronicles New Yorker April 24, 1995 FRIENDS OF DORTHY by Hilton Als

1969 I was in Turkey when the men landed on the moon. Michael Maslansky was doing a movie -he did public relations for movie and he asked me to come keep him company.
So, We were in Istanbul while the movie was being made which was about three months and he left I stayed for another 4 or 5 months. Traveled around Turkey which is quite gorgeous which competes with Italy and Greece.. the beauty of the country , the ruins. The thing that impressed me the most was the use of color, the people -the way they use the color. On their houses , on themselves , the way they painted their houses- one house painted- a marvelous violet and the house next to it a pale apple green – like they were great artists. They were also the most volatile -more volatile , I thought than the Arabs. There were people when guns all the time and they were always shooting them off -they were like Mexicans in that way . You go to a bar and out comes the guns and someone’s shooting up in the air.
I ask about homosexual “thing” in Turkey…. he says, You know its like the Arab thing. Certainly almost no one, I would say a tiny percent will admit to or think that they are homosexual. But men would definitely go to bed with men and not think of themselves as homosexuals.” Franklin says “we are basically bisexual- you know, so when social conditions, mores accept it , even if its under the table, people are more likely to do it. Also because – most of the women a man would be able to have sex with would be prostitutes.. unless their married of course. So it leaves them very horny, so they take comes along the pike.”

(so I interrupt and ask what Maslanksky was doing all this time..) Franklin says :”He was doing public relations for films. We both used do public relations in New York. He stuck with it. I being not a stick with type person. He eventually went to Hollywood and opened his own company. He worked on lots of films , worked hard and was very imaginative and did a good job on all these things. He moved ahead quite quickly.”

(I interrupt .. Ray remembers the story of M Maslansky being the seal in a scene in White Dawn where he is off camera with a rope in his hand pulling against an Inuit with the rope in his hand down a hole seal fishing.. a wonderful movie…..must have been doing it in late 50s or early early 60’s.)

I hope ultimately to find and post the photo of Franklin in top hat toasting Bridget Bardot also in top hat. Must be one of Michael’s movies – Franklin could not bring the memory up. Barbara Stevens

transcribed from MacFie tapes -talking about a “trip” in Turkey (from this time frame)

Now we start with “trips” in Turkey… he starts off with “Gopkapi, the major museum in Istanbul. The place where most of the Pashas and the Beys and the Agas maintained their various summer houses and so on, right in the middle of Istanbul and its got magnificent Art, also gorgeous gems, emeralds the size of a baby’s head. I decided to go to Gopkapi and go on acid of course. So I took some acid and went in and had a marvelous trip -its just heaven being in the museum. and went out and realized the stuff was really hitting hard. And the first thing I saw a man who was knocked down by a car and he fell right on his ass. People of course gathered around and he got up and bowed to everybody, which was quite wonderful. I was feeling so stoned I decided to get off the streets after that and I went into a church . It had been a Christian church and had been sacked by the Muslems. All that was left was the absolute brick walls and an altar stone down where altar stones are. So I went to the altar stone and threw my head down and was sobbing. I was feeling very Christian -my entire life I’ve felt Christian. Then I looked behind the altar stone and there was a man behind there taking a crap. At this point this guard came down and asked me what I was doing. I said I’m having a religious moment – I said theres a man back there taking a crap.. this still a church you know… He said, No,No, No he’s Turkish -your American, you cant do this , you can’t come into our church just crying all over the place .He threw me out!.”

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