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Franklin at the bar

“I miss my best friend Franklin every day, we had 10 years of such a great bond. When we met we felt like we knew each other all our lives. Everyday we met and we both went through health problems and were always perking each other up. We laughed an awful lot and called each other every night to say goodnight. We went to the movies sometimes the theater, boy could he snore loud in the movies. He had a wonderful apartment, I cleaned it once for him .He loved his plants and worried when he went to hospitals if they would be still alive when he came back. Many weekends he used to go to his brother on long island and was deeply hurt when he was not welcome there anymore, he never got an answer why and that hurt him the most. I was invited on fire island at Jacks where we had long walks and sailed around and I cooked dinner and we all got stoned and laughed some more, listened to music. He was so brave and deep within so scared, he loved my kids and grandchildren and his friend Larry from the Bistro never was the same anymore after he died. They did the crossword puzzle together and smoked cigars. Sometimes we went out for lunch to a French restaurant and pigged out and made believe we were in France we just could fantasized forever all the things we were going to do when he felt better, I was going to take him to Italy etc. Now I have his ashes in a beautiful glass bottle in my window a bottle without a cork because he has to be free with two cute little buddhas next to him and flowers and more colored glass bottles around it and he is overlooking 7th avenue I took some of the ashes (just a little) to the museum in the city because we used to visit museums at times. I can go on and on, he gave me strength and love and friendship as I never felt before. I talk to him everyday as if he is here and I am so glad we are doing something on the website. He was such an incredibly talented human being.”

Franklin at Magda's retreating  from a poker game

Franklin at Magda's retreating from a poker game.

“When I went to Fire Island with Franklin and Jack, it would all go better because they didn’t fight. I was in between and they wanted me to come all the time. Jack’s place was a beautiful home, a lot of art work from Franklin, some things he made, a lot of pottery. Jack is a lovely guy. They used to argue a lot like it was with Franklin and Amon. He was the instigator all the time, you know. Oh, and that story with the Flowers! He called me and said there are people in my apartment! and I said no they are not ! Call the cops. It was the middle of the night.!”

“When Franklin was young and he worked at a laboratory at Columbia University, he loved working with that Professor! When he was little, his mother use to go to the race track and she would park him somewhere and say I’ll be right back. And he would wait and wait and wait and wait -aah! such a good feeling when she’d come back! His sister used to work at the CopaCabana and she would come home with pockets full of tips. In the morning when she was sleeping he would pull his hands through the drawer and he would have pocket money.”

F with nephew in high chair

Franklin with his sisters children

F holding baby

Franklin holding his nephew

“He was a very great man and he was very sick. I bought some of his work (from the exhibit at Jack’s Gallery), they are hanging in my apartment. He was an incredible artist and storyteller. I miss his arms around my shoulders. We used to sit in the window, like two old cats in the sun in the afternoons in the Corner Bistro. We made up life stories for the passers by. We enjoyed each other.

Franklin and Magda

” I am so happy making this memorial . He’s back, alive! And he is in my window with flowers all around. I have his ashes here and I am going to Morocco and I will take some ashes with me. I am going for 3 weeks in April. He was my soul brother.”Magda Stull October 2009

In June I went to Morocco  with Franklin’s ashes  and  left some of his Ashes in Lisbon, Portugal
he loved it there.and his mother was Portuguese, the rest  in the Ocean in Morocco…..

Magda Stull November 13, 2010

Magda in Morocca with Franklin's Ashes

into the Ocean

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  1. Magda and All, I was close to Franklin and Jean Belluc in the early 1980s when they lived near Healdsburg CA. I visited Franklin in Rio Chama before he rejoined Jean-Michel in Europe, and returned to San Francisco with a necessary charm of sacred dirt from Chimayo. I am deeply touched by news of Franklin’s death. I spoke to him once on the phone from San Francisco when he was living on 119th St, but, now to my regret, did not keep contact. I was at the New Museum yesterday and some of Pawel Althamer’s work reminded me of a small scuplture of Franklin’s that I’ve had for 30 years. Then, in a book I’d just started to read, Gay Metropolis, he was mentioned. I searched his name and came to this site. Thank you to all who made it.

    Magda, We know each other from 108 Wooster. My husband and I purchased 2D in February of 2011, shortly before Monique died. Needless to say I know you a bit better now than I could from a nod in the elevator. If it is not too difficult I would welcome the chance to sit down with you. I am tearing now with emotions that are fresher and stronger in you. John Caldwell, 3/11/2014

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